FB pageНародно Читалище „Св. Цар Борис I – 1909“, Culture Center Bistritsa

The Folklore Ensemble „Bistritsa“  to „St. Tsar Boris I“ Community Center was created in 1949. The aim of its creators was to discover, preserve and promote the folklore heritage of the village of Bistritsa.

With its achievements, it has a steadily gained territory in the treasury of folk art.
The core of the ensemble is the group for polyphonic singing „Bistritsa’s Grannies“. About their unique singing Professor Stoyan Djudjev says: „The Bistritsa polyphony contains living remnants of the pre Greek time …“The Austrian musicologist Gerald Messner takes a doctor’s degree on „Antiphonal diaphone in the village of Bistritsa.“ One of his conclusions is: “We can say with certainty that the musical tradition of the village of Bistritsa possesses those characteristics which are otherwise found only in the musical life of some tribal cultures. This criterion allows the conclusion that remnants of very old music layer are apparent“.
Because of their exceptional knowledge, skills and talent, in 2005 „Bistritsa’s Grannies“ were entered in the list of UNESCO as Living Human Treasures of intangible spiritual culture of mankind.
Talented dancers perform native shop’s dances transmitted from generation to generation. Like inheritor of the famous instrumental group „Bistritsa’s four“ is the domestic orchestra. In its performance sound old tunes and songs, inherited from the fathers and grandfathers.
Ensemble „Bistritsa“ is a winner of the Herder Prize for folk art.

It is a laureate of many domestic and foreign festivals. Gold medals from all national fests in Koprivshtitsa, gold medals from all republican festivals. Participations in international festivals and concert tours in France, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Morocco, Italy, USA and others.